1988 Haro Master Decal Set Custom Color Scheme

1988 Haro Master Decal Sticker Set

Normally we do not sell decal sets that are still being produced by the original company. Haro sells decal sets for the 1988 Haro Masters.

We have artwork on file for several 1980’s Haro BMX bikes and We will reproduce these sets if a customer wants them in a custom color scheme. We was contacted about producing a set of custom colored decal stickers. We sent the customer a color chart for him to choose colors from and provide us with the unique code for each color they picked. This helps you, the customer, know that you will be getting the exact color you pick. We do this because the colors we see on the computer, phone and tablet screens rarely ever print the same color and shade. Also, different screens will display different colors. Screens display colors in RGB while printers print in CMYK. We applied the provided color codes to our artwork and created this 1988 Haro Master decal sticker set.

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